Mar 16, 2022 • 36M

Class Futures: Patrick Foster on gambling, how he lost £58,000 on a single horse in the Cheltenham Gold Cup, his recovery from addiction, and the launch of his new book, Might Bite

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Jonathan Lloyd
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Patrick Foster

Patrick Foster is Head of Delivery for Education and Corporate Social Responsibility at EPIC Risk Management, a company which aims to prevent gambling from harming people and organisations. He is also author of his new book 'Might Bite: The Secret Life of a Gambling Addict'. In his new book he writes about his pathological addiction to gambling which currently affects more than 1.4 million people per year in the UK. Worringly gamblers are getting younger and I was interested in speaking to Patrick about his story and creating awareness around this issue.

In this episode with Patrick Foster you will learn:

  1. His favourite subject and teacher at school. His love for cricket and why he is sharing his own story.

  2. The lack of education around gambling and addiction. How the education of gambling addiction is just as important as mental and physical health.

  3. Showing vulnerability as a sign of strength and courage.

  4. His first bet and the start of his addiction at university.

  5. Keeping gambling secret.

  6. How he won £35,000 on an accumulator.

  7. Why a lifesyle change in 2011 was not the answer to his gambling addiction by becoming a history teacher.

  8. The rise of mobile gambling.

  9. How he was found out in 2018 and how he lost £58,000 on one horse, Might Bite in the Cheltenham gold Cup.

  10. His darker secrets in his new book.

  11. Education as prevention.

  12. Advice for anyone who has a gambling addiction. Be careful, think about the time you are spending, monitor the relationship and talk about your gambling habits and addiction.

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