Podcast interview with Gary Brode 🎧Listen now (36 min) | Managing partner at investment company, Deep Knowledge Investing, talks about its online education research report 📝🌐👨🏻‍🏫📈
Updates from Microsoft, the trends shaping higher education and Justin Reich on why tech alone can't transform education.
Q&A with Audrey Watters 📖 Listen now | EdTech author discusses her new book and reveals her hopes and fears for the future of digital learning.
Q&A with Darren Collins 👨🏻‍🏫Listen now (24 min) | Interactive Investor's personal finance teacher of the year 💷 🧮 💸
Q&A with Ryne Anthony at Flux 🎧Listen now (22 min) | New space for teachers and pupils to test out the latest STEM tech 🏭 ⌨️ 🤖
In this article by Dan Worth at TES, he rounds up some of the tech innovations brought about from the pandemic which are likely to stay.
One area which will drive the transformation of education is through cloud computing. This is the ability to access applications and materials through a…
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